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Petite Crown

Swim - Pastel Pop

Swim - Pastel Pop

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The Swim is Petite Crown’s most versatile diaper. In addition to being a high-quality, reusable swim diaper, it can also work as a cover or a pocket diaper. Mix and match the Petite Crown Swims with your favourite absorbency to make a custom diaper combination that suits your baby best.

Why we love it

1. Versatile & Customisable

The Swim diaper features a pocket opening, so you can use it as a regular pocket diaper in addition to a swim diaper. We love that it allows you to use whatever insert best suits your needs, so you aren’t paying for inserts that you don’t need. You can even fold an old t-shirt to use as an insert!

2. Easy to use

The wide pocket opening at the back makes the Swim easy to stuff, even for adults with big hands! There are no flaps on the inside of the cover, thus allowing for far easier cleaning and spraying. The athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) lining is stain resistant, so you can let bub eat blueberries, bananas, and tomato sauce without fear.

3. Maximum comfort

The ultra soft stay-dry lining made of athletic wicking jersey wicks away the moisture from the skin, keeping bub cool and dry. At the front of the diaper, the PUL tummy panel offers extra leak protection and prevents pee from wicking onto bub’s shirt. The wide but firm elastic at the back of the diaper ensures that all poop is contained within the diaper, without being too harsh on bub’s skin.



  • OSFM: 3.6kg - 16kg
  • Plus: 10kg - 25kg
  • 3x4 adjustable rise snaps for three different size settings
  • Cross-over snaps to fit a smaller waist size


  • Not included


  • Outer shell: TPU laminate
  • Inner lining: athletic wicking jersey

Safety Compliance

  • CPSIA compliant
  • Tested by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) accepted test lab
  • Free from harmful chemicals and metals

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Cutest Swim Diaper

    Love the fit and the designs.

    Kexian Ng
    Great catcher and easy to wash out

    I first bought the Koyuki print as a swim diaper but ended up loving it as a pocket and didn’t have a swim diaper when I needed it so I bought 5 more PC swim diapers. The AWJ material is awesome and it’s so easy to wash breastfed poop out. Great as a swim diaper or as a pocket! And love all the prints too! Please restock more of the prints!

    Hui fen Ang

    The swim diaper is functional and the prints are really cute!

    Poop 💩 catcher

    We use this as night diaper cover and also for swimming, without the disposable swim diaper. It has caught poop on a few swimming pool 💩 incidents, which is a relief 😅. A great buy even if you are not cloth diapering!

    G P
    Roomy and Good Quality

    I should have gotten more of these for night time use! I love that it fits boosters and prefold inserts. I bought the Plus (even though my kid is close to but not yet 10kg). Works great for swimming too! Bought the Koyuki print, which is my favourite one of the Petite Crown designs.

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