Free local shipping for orders above $100
Free local shipping for orders above $100
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Seeds Loyalty Program


To show our appreciation for our loyal customers, you can now earn seeds as you shop and redeem store credit with seeds!


  1. Sign up for an account (30 seeds)
    Sign up here to earn 30 seeds! 
  2. Place an order
    Earn 1 seed for every $1 spent.
  3. Like us on Facebook (5 seeds)
    This is a one-time reward.
  4. Follow us on Instagram (5 seeds)
    This is a one-time reward.
  5. Write a review on our website (10 seeds)
    Earn 10 seeds when you write a review (min. 20 words) on our website. We will manually award your seeds, so if we miss out on yours, please do reach out! 
  6. Celebrate a birthday (50 seeds)
    Enter your birthday into the system and 50 seeds will be automatically credited when you celebrate your birthday!


75 seeds = $2
125 seeds = $4
250 seeds = $10

Store credit will come in the form of a discount code. There is no minimum spend, but it cannot be used together with any other discount code.

Purchases made during a sale will not be eligible for earning seeds. During a sale, our seeds program will be disabled but if you purchase any non-sale item during this period, we will manually award your seeds!