Overview of Petite Crown Diapers

Petite Crown is a California based small business that was founded based on the strong belief that no parents should struggle to afford necessities. For every product purchased, they donate one cloth diaper to a family in need through their Fluff and Beyond program.

Petite Crown was one of the first brands Laura fell in love with, and their diapers are still favourites in her stash. Their products feature stylish and practical designs with materials that we use ourselves and can confidently recommend. 


Petite Crown’s covers were designed specially for use over fitted diapers, so they are extra roomy! They are excellent choices for parents of heavy wetters, because you’ll be able to pack lots of extra absorbency in. There are no flaps on the inside of the covers, thus allowing for far easier cleaning and spraying. We also like that the piping seams of these covers are made to match the print, giving the entire diaper a seamless look.



no flaps no flaps
double gussets double gussets
tummy elastic no tummy elastic
3.6 - 16 kg 4.5 - 18 kg

Choose the KEEPER Cover if...

  • You like the idea of wiping down and reusing the nappy shell so that you don’t need to buy so many nappies overall
  • You like using flats or trim inserts
  • You have a tiny waisted baby, so you want a nappy that cinches at the waist
  • You want a OSFM nappy that you can use right from birth

Choose the CATCHER Cover if...

  • You like the idea of wiping down and reusing the nappy shell so that you don’t need to buy so many nappies overall
  • You like using fitted nappies
  • You have an extremely heavy wetter, so you need to pack lots of absorbency in the diaper
  • You have a baby who may exceed 16kg before he/she toilet trains 


Choose the TRIMA if...

  • You like having a lining that will absorb leaks even near the seams (a traditional weak point of all diapers!)
  • You like having the option of snapping inserts into the shell and dissembling the diaper for easier drying
  • You want a customisable all-in-one diaper (so that you’re not paying for inserts you don’t need, but there is room to add additional absorbency if needed)

Choose the PACKA if...

  • You want an extremely trim diaper that fits well under clothes
  • You want a diaper that’s extremely easy to spray clean (no flaps or extra gussets where poop can get stuck!)
  • You want something super easy for childcare/grandparents to use — no need to tuck in any extra folds or flaps
  • You want a stay-dry layer next to your baby’s bum

Choose the SWIM if...

  • You like the idea of not having to buy a dedicated swim nappy
  • You like the idea of being able to customise the nappy’s absorbency — no more paying for inserts you don’t need!
  • You want a diaper that’s extremely easy for others to use, and also easy to spray clean — no extra flaps or extra gussets
  • You like using pocket diapers, but you want to be able to use quick-drying inserts like flats

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