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Our Story

The Little Lalang Story

We are two mums who became friends due to our common passion for cloth diapering. We lamented that our favourite cloth diaper brands were not readily available here in Singapore, so we decided to set up Little Lalang to provide you with easy access to beautifully designed, ethically made, and high quality cloth diaper brands that we love. 

We are passionate about environmental sustainability and ethical production, and we believe there is more we can all do together.

Why Little Lalang?

The lalang plant is a resilient grass native to Southeast Asia, and it can be used as a slope stabilizer as well as in traditional Chinese medicine. We love how beautiful the plant is, but also that it represents Singapore so well - it can be found everywhere on our little island, from large nature parks to HDB gardens in the heartlands. We are a small local business that was set up to serve you, the local community and that really is the heart of Little Lalang.

Meet the Team



Hsin is a mom to two beautiful kids, and wife to Marcus who works for their church. ​She enjoys a peaceful meal alone, watching a good show with Marcus on Netflix, or wandering through nature with her kids as she believes that childhood should be spent outdoors exploring and playing in the rain and mud.

 Photo credit: Studiokel Photography


Laura is a believer, homemaker, ex-English teacher, current baby wrangler and sometimes freelance designer. When she’s not wrestling with her kids or obsessing over colour combinations, she’s usually buried in a book or struggling through Mandarin primers in an effort to undo 17 years of language laziness (pay attention to your Chinese teacher, kids! It’ll pay off in the end!).

Photo credit: @surelightphotography