Why use a menstrual cup?

Unfolding a #NewPeriod

Consider disposable period products for a minute  the waste they amount to each month, the chemicals they often contain that we put inside our bodies and the young people who stay away from school because they don’t have access to them.

We’re on a journey to change the way periods affect our lives, our bodies and our environment.

Sustainable periods

Unlike disposable period products, the AllMatters menstrual cup (formerly OrganiCup) is reusable for years and has a minimal impact on the environment compared to pads and tampons.

2 years of period products: 528 pads/tampons or 1 OrganiCup

Too often, choosing the environment is choosing to make life harder for yourself. But menstrual cups aren't just better for the earth - they're better for your body, your lifestyle, and your wallet too.

Life with the cup is...

EASY - no leaks, no worries. The cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, meaning that you can forget about your period during the day and night.

HEALTHY - no irritation, no infections. The 100% medical grade silicone cup doesn't mess with the natural environment of your body.

GREEN - lasts years, not hours. No constant waste, no recurring expenses, no monthly purchases. Cut down on your mental load as well as your carbon footprint.

How to Use a Menstrual Cup