Beautiful, sustainable, affordable.

Create fun-filled childhoods for your children AND enjoy your parenting journey more with these practical essentials specially curated to make life easier for busy parents.

Ultra-Comfortable Kids Clothing

Made for toddlers' limitless play & exploration. Empower your children to enjoy their childhood.

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The best bags for toddlers

Ergonomic, cute, AND machine-washable — the perfect companion for your preschooler's every adventure.

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Sweet dreams, little one.

Buttery soft premium bamboo rompers to keep your little one cosy and comfy, for a good night's sleep.

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Calming Resources

Recommended by psychologists! Start the road to fewer meltdowns.

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Protecting our planet for the next generation is a big part of everything we do at Little Lalang.

From using sustainably sourced or recycled materials to using reused packaging, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and promoting low waste lifestyles in our kids. Every order contributes to a better future for our Earth.


We believe childhood AND parenthood should be filled with lots of laughter and fun memories! Parents shouldn't have to sacrifice their wallets, their style, or their already highly-taxed energy just to make eco-friendly choices.

All our products are beautiful, easy to use AND easy to care for, because we are all about making life more relaxing and enjoyable for the parent without taking a toll on the environment too.

Made with Heart

We're all about doing what's right, not just what's popular or profitable.

By choosing original designs over unlicensed character prints, we're standing up for artists' rights and staying true to our values. We also work closely with our brands and manufacturers to ensure that the makers behind our products are treated well and compensated fairly, because that's so important to us. Our core belief in integrity, creativity, and respect for others is the heart of our brand.

Tried & Tested

We only carry products that we ourselves have used and loved. In the spirit of reducing waste, we only recommend things that we truly believe in and would happily gift to our friends.