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Pull-Up V2 - Woodland Alphabet

Pull-Up V2 - Woodland Alphabet

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Monarch’s V2 pull-ups are pocket diapers that come without inserts so that you can customise them according to your own needs. They can be used as a night nappy for a heavy wetter, as a day nappy or as training pants when potty training a toddler. They are great for changing a squirmy toddler who won’t lie still for a change, or for out-and-about changes where it’s hard to find a changing station.

You can pair them with any type of absorbency you are currently using or you can click here for some options we offer. 

How does this compare with other nappies from Monarch?
How does this compare with similar nappies from other brands?

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Why we love it

1. Customisable absorbency

  • Training pants: Monarch’s pull-ups feature a bamboo terry lining that works as an in-built absorbent core so the pull-up can double as training pants when used without inserts. 

  • Day nappy: With the absorbency your little one needs, the pull-ups are a great day nappy for squirmy kids, outings and childcare/kindy. 

  • Night nappy: The in-built absorbent core makes it possible for the pull-up to be boosted for even very heavy night wetters.
    (Please note that heavily boosted night nappies will not pull up easily due to the bulk so it works like a side-snapping nappy. You can snap one side, get your child to step into the leg hole, and then snap up the other side whilst they are standing.)

2. Leak-proof comfort

  • Double gussets - The outer gusset provides an extra barrier of protection against leaks. This is especially great for night nappies as they can be generously boosted with inserts without having to worry about thigh gaps and leaks. The inner gussets should be tucked into the groin area to prevent red marks on bub’s thighs.

  • PUL tummy and back flaps - PUL panels at both the tummy and back elastic to eliminate any wicking and keep your bub feeling comfortable and dry!

  • Elasticised waist - Thick and soft elastic both at the tummy and back for ultimate comfort!

3. Adjustable fit & easy to use

  • Dual pocket opening for easy stuffing of inserts

  • Two sizes available to cater to bubs of all shapes and sizes!

  • 2x3 rise/hip snaps and 2x5 waist snaps enable you to get the perfect fit for your growing bub. No need to buy anything new as your child grows — just shift to the next row of snaps!
    (We especially love that there are 5 columns of rise snaps - so few pull-ups in the market offer this amazing option!) 




  • OSFM fits babies approximately 4-17kg
  • LOSFM fits babies approximately 10-25kg
  • 3x3 adjustable rise snaps


  • None


  • Outer shell: PUL
  • Inner shell: bamboo terry

How is V2 different from V1? 

  • Dual pocket openings, now open both front and back to more easily stuff your inserts.
  • Leg gussets encased in ultra-soft PUL (rather than bamboo, to eliminate red marks caused by wet elastics and any potential wicking).
  • Additional length in the all-around waist elastic making it even easier for little hands to pull the nappy up and down (extra 3cm on the OSFM and extra 10cm on the LOSFM when stretched).
  • 2 rows of hip snaps (for easier pull-up experience)
  • 2 extra columns of snaps (5 in total) on each side, to cover your baby for even longer, and between sizes too!
  • The softest-of-soft PUL used 
  • Larger sizing on the LOSFM (this should now fit up to 25kg) to make them even easier for you, or your toddler to pull up and down!
  • No inserts included (to make it more affordable for you to try!)

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