Overview of Monarch Nappies

Monarch is an Australian brand founded because the founder, Eunica, wanted to create a self-sustaining avenue for real change. She has done that by creating an easy and absorbent cloth nappy system that has helped reduce the use of thousands of disposable nappies. She also donates a minimum of 10% of profits to a customer chosen charity each year.

We were sold on the design and quality of Monarch products from the first time we tried them, and can definitely see why they have such a large following in Australia!

All Monarch prints are exclusively designed for Monarch, so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else.

Ultimate Nappies

The Ultimate nappies are Monarch’s signature snap and wipe nappy that can be used for both a day and a night nappy for heavy wetters simply by tweaking the combination of inserts. It’s a one size fit most nappy that can last your child from infancy all the way to toddlerhood, making it a great investment, both financially and environmentally.

Choose the Ultimate Nappy if...

  • You like the idea of wiping down and reusing reusing the nappy shell so that you don’t need to buy so many nappies overall.
  • You baby is a super heavy wetter
  • You prefer to have a nappy that can be used both during the day and the night
  • You have a baby who may exceed 17kg before he/she toilet trains 

Classic Nappies

The Classic is Monarch’s perfectly trim, yet ultra absorbent pocket nappy. The pocket lining is made using a stay-dry material (AWJ), complete with a double gusset to add extra protection against leaks and poo explosions. It is perfect for childcare or other caregivers as it is easy to fit, and is trim enough to fit well under clothes. It’s also a great night nappy option for a moderate wetter who does not need the bulk of typical night nappy options.

Choose the Classic Nappy if...

  • You prefer a trimmer nappy, especially to fit under clothes
  • You’re looking for an easy-to-fit cloth nappy for daycare 
  • Your baby is a light to moderate wetter so you don't need as much absorbency (especially at night)
  • You want a stay-dry layer next to your baby’s skin


Monarch’s V2 pull-ups come without inserts so that you can customise them according to your own needs. They can be used as a night nappy for a heavy wetter, as a day nappy or as training pants when potty training a toddler. They are great for changing a squirmy toddler who won’t lie still for a change, or for out-and-about changes where it’s hard to find a changing station.

1. In-built absorbent  bamboo terry core 
2. Double-ended pocket openings
3. Double gussets
4. Elasticised waist & front and back PUL flaps
5. 2x3 rise snaps and 2x5 waist snaps to fit your little one as they grow
6. Comes in two sizes - OSFM (4-17kg) & LOSFM (10.25kg)

Choose the pull-up nappy if...

  • Your child's school requires pull-up nappies
  • You have a squirmy baby or active toddler 
  • You’re looking for a nappy that can be used as training pants
  • You prefer to have a nappy that can be used both during the day and the night

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