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Classic Pocket - Haku and Friends
Classic Pocket - Haku and Friends
Classic Pocket - Haku and Friends

Classic Pocket - Haku and Friends

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The Classic is Monarch’s easy-to-use, ultra-versatile pocket nappy. Use the Classic shell without inserts as a swim nappy, or over a disposable diaper to prevent leaks. Add a towel or muslin cloth into the pocket, and it becomes a full cloth nappy that can replace a disposable diaper entirely!

Photo Credit: @virtualmemoriestog

Why we love it

1. Versatile

This nappy shell can be used without inserts to replace disposable swim diapers or baby swimming trunks. Alternatively, add in inserts of your choice and use it as a full cloth diaper that can replace disposable diapers completely! You can also use the Classic as a diaper cover over disposable diapers, as additional leak protection (especially at night!).

      2. Leak-proof

      The tummy elastic gives extra leak protection for tummy sleepers, and secure back elastics and double gussets provide an extra barrier against leaks in all directions. Finally, you can sleep well, knowing your restless sleeper won't end up leaking all over the sheets!

      3. Easy to prep, use, and disassemble

      Stuffing and un-stuffing your Classic nappy is a breeze with wide pocket openings at the front and back! The pocket design also means that all the inserts are tucked neatly away, so there aren’t any fiddly pieces to confuse other caregivers — a great choice if your child is going to childcare or grandma's house. The AWJ lining is also stain resistant, so you can let bub eat blueberries, bananas, and tomato sauce without fear.



      • Designed to fit babies approximately 3-17kg
      • 3x4 adjustable rise snaps
      • Cross-over snaps to fit a smaller waist size


      • Outer shell: PUL
      • Inner shell: Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ)

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Love the material

      I'm still relatively new in cloth diapering but I've tried a few brands of pocket diapers, and I love the 'feel' of this diaper the most. It is so trim and soft and smooth, it almost feel luxurious. Plus, the prints are pretty!

      The AWJ inner lining keeps my bub's bum dry and both inserts can last the whole night for my moderate 5-month-old wetter. It could probably hold about 200ml of liquid?

      Fit wise, it took me a few trial & errors to get the fit right for my chunky baby. But this is only because the structure of the diaper is a bit different from the other brands I've been using. Because it looks & feels trimmer, at first I had put my chunky baby on all rise up. But now I find that he still needs one rise up with one insert and all rise up two inserts.

      Nevertheless, still my favorite pocket diaper so far!

      Great for beginners

      As a newbie in cloth diapering, this was the first diaper I bought for night use. Took a bit of trial and error with the help from the LL ladies and FB group.

      Never had a leak with this one, but my 6-month-old (not night weaned, pees a lot) needed another booster on top of the 2 inserts that came with this, all three fit fine within the pocket.

      The inserts that come with this nappy do take some time to dry without a dryer.

      All in all, it is easy to use and great for a starter piece.