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Smart Bottoms

Trainers - Hope

Trainers - Hope

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Smart Bottom's nighttime trainers is for children who are nearly dry at night but may still have the occasional accident. As the material is very thin and comfortable, they can also be used as daytime trainers to catch an accident or two. The waist and legs are super stretchy so your child will be able to pull the trainer up & down on their own, giving them confidence and independence in this new stage of their life. We love the versatility of these trainers, and it's an added bonus that they are so pretty to look at! 

Why we love it

1. Thin and soft - can be used for both daytime and nighttime 

Smart Bottom's trainers are thin and soft, making them very comfortable for our hot Singapore weather. They can be used both in the day and night, as they have enough absorbency and are comfortable enough for both as well. 

2. Stretchy waist & legs 

The waist and legs are made of polyester which makes them very stretchy. This helps the child pull the trainers up & down easily on their own. This gives them confidence and it also means they can go to the toilet independently in the middle of the night. As the trainers are so stretchy, your child will not outgrow them easily even at the alarming rate they grow! 

3. Made in the USA

These days, it's hard to find products that are made in the USA. We love that these trainers are made in a small factory in USA - ensuring the quality of the products as the owners have easy access to the factory, as well as the welfare of the workers. 




  • 18-24 months old
  • 2-3 years
  • 4-5 years

*Consider sizing down for slimmer children as these trainers are very stretchy. 


  • Interior: 55% Hemp Viscose & 45% Organic Cotton
  • Waistbands, legs, & sides: 100% Polyester
  • Wet Zone is reinforced with laminated TPU

Care Instructions

Rinse soiled trainer with hot water or throw into pre-wash if you are cloth diapering. Wash on 40 or 60 degrees water with the amount of detergent recommended for your machine for a heavily soiled load. Dry on warm in dryer or hang dry. Do not use bleach or fabric softener.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Very long lifespan

The sizing is quite generous - I would recommend sizing down. My kid is 3+ but the 2-3yo size was quite baggy (still can wear but will have folds). I bought the 18-24m sizing for her and it fits great. It's good that it can be worn for a very long time as the child grows. I expect even after she fully TT, it will be used as normal underwear/bloomers, so it's not wasted.

Great for toilet training

I really like that it's trim & can be easily pulled up or down by the child, so it feels & works like regular undies. At the same time, it can catch accidents, so it takes a load off my mind for toilet training. I recommend sizing down - my 4yo is using the 18m sizing.

Mrs Teh
Toddler finds it comfortable

My toddler finds it comfortable. It is able to absorb a small amount of pee. Perfect for toilet training and catching small accidents

Coni Liu

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