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Stay Dry Liners - Change Station

Stay Dry Liners - Change Station

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Diaper changing is super easy with these reusable liners! Specially designed to wick away moisture and keep baby dry, these beautiful liners are perfect for babies with sensitive skin. They also make it super easy to deal with a poopy diaper, as the entire liner can be lifted off and sprayed in the toilet bowl.

These liners measure 30 x 30cm each and are sold in sets of 5.

Why we love it

1. Stay-dry comfort

The buttery soft suede-cloth is free from chlorine, fragrances, or any harsh chemicals, and designed to sit right next to baby's skin. The liner wicks away moisture even more quickly than athletic wicking jersey, creating a stay-dry layer and keeping your babe's bottom dry. Perfect if your bub has sensitive skin!

2. Ultra-convenient

Liners make dirty nappy changes so much easier, especially with those big explosions! These nappy liners are designed to lay on top of the diaper, right next to baby's skin, to help keep solids contained for easy clean-up. No more trying to get solids out of diaper flaps and cloth folds - simply lift off the liner and spray it in the toilet bowl.

3. Large size for full coverage

Measuring 30cm x 30cm, these liners are designed to wrap around your inserts, providing full coverage. There are no snaps or buttons, so they can fit a variety of different shaped inserts and diapers.

Customer Reviews

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Does the job

We use this together with cloth diapers to make poopy diapers easier to wash (baby is on solids so poop 💩is quite solid and dislodges easily from the liner). A plus: This dries quickly so we don’t need as many.. My only complaint is that this seems to attract a bit of lint in my wash (I don’t use a dryer).

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