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Leggings - Dirt Life

Leggings - Dirt Life

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Say goodbye to sagging leggings with these Bumblito leggings! Bumblito leggings are so soft and stretchy, and they are perfect for both cloth and non-cloth bums alike. They are also thin enough for our hot, humid weather. They can be worn for playground and park time and are also pretty enough to be paired with a fancy top. The prints always remain vibrant and they stand up to lots of washing and dirty play!

All Bumblito products are made in the United States, and their raw materials are sourced locally as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint. The owners, Geoffe and Christina Malone, have close, long-standing relationships with their fabric suppliers and factories. This means each product, from concept to creation, is carefully and thoughtfully produced.

Photo credit: @vasty191



  • 6-24 months
  • 2-4 years old
  • 5-6 years old


  • 100% polyester - this is what allows the prints to remain vibrant and to stand up to washing 

Care Instructions

Wash in warm water in the washing machine. May be machine dried on low or medium heat with like fabrics. Washing or drying with rough fabrics or velcro items may cause snags or pulls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Su-E Yap
Soft and stretchy

Kids get to live their best lives in these leggings. Soft, stretchy, no elastics and cleans up fabulously. Colours don’t bleed and our collection is well loved here

Irene Lee
Fishy pants

My daughter loves the bumblito leggings. She calls it Fishy Pants (Vitamin Sea). Bought it so that she can wear to the playground without scraping her knees in case she falls.

Jen Lim
Bumblito convert

My daughter doesn’t really like to wear leggings
But after trying bumblito woah she’s obsessed
Amazing quality and very comfortable


My little one loves these leggings - he comments about how 'soft' they are (I think he really means that they're comfortable to wear)

Otterly in love!

This leggings is like no otter! Its ultra soft and the kids love wearing them. Highly recommend everybody to buy them before they run otter stock!

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