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Jogger Shorts - Dirt Life

Jogger Shorts - Dirt Life

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Bumblito Jogger Shorts are very stretchy & soft, so they are easy for children to put on independently, and will allow your little ones to grow and play in style and comfort. They are incredibly comfortable & breathable in our hot and humid weather.

The Jogger Shorts feature a decorative drawstring and pockets for kids to keep small items or stick their cute little hands in. They are perfect for times when the kids prefer shorts to leggings or long pants. They are casual enough to be used to outdoor play and sports but can also be worn to family dinners and indoor events. 

All Bumblito products are made in the United States, and their raw materials are sourced locally as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint.



  • 2-4 years old
  • 5-6 years old
  • 7-8 years old 


  • 100% polyester - this is what allows the prints to remain vibrant and to stand up to washing 

Care Instructions

Wash in warm water in the washing machine. May be machine dried on low or medium heat with like fabrics. Washing or drying with rough fabrics or velcro items may cause snags or pulls.

Customer Reviews

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Joanna Lim

Gotta love that cement mixer and dump truck! How to make a toddler excited to put on his clothes? Prints that he loves and can name! Not too short, not too tight and keeps him cool on all his run abouts. I even let him wear it to church because it’s just a really good pair of shorts, not too shabby :) the drawstring helps us to wear it for a longer while too even if he expands sideways 😬 value for money, of course I had to get the matching shirt too!

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