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Jogger Pants - Burgundy

Jogger Pants - Burgundy

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Bumblito Jogger Pants are very stretchy & soft, so they are easy for children to put on independently, and will allow your little ones to grow and play in style and comfort. They are incredibly versatile - breathable enough to wear outdoors even in our humid weather, but also warm enough for shopping malls.

The Jogger Pants feature a decorative drawstring, pockets and a cuff that can be rolled up for children on the smaller end of the size range & unrolled for those on the larger end of the size range. 

All Bumblito products are made in the United States, and their raw materials are sourced locally as much as possible to reduce carbon footprint.



  • 6-24 months
  • 2-4 years old
  • 5-6 years old
  • 7-8 years old


  • 100% polyester - this is what allows the prints to remain vibrant and to stand up to washing 

Care Instructions

To prevent colour run, wash in cold water for the first three washes with dark colours. After which, wash regularly in warm water in the washing machine. May be machine dried on low or medium heat with like fabrics. Washing or drying with rough fabrics or velcro items may cause snags or pulls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
The Burgundy colour runs in the wash.

I love bumblito leggings, the softness, the quality, how long it lasts.
Just that this burgundy jogger pants bleeds in the wash, actually the size tag itself looked reddish upon delivery.. other than the colour running, it’s really perfect.


We are so sorry for this :( We had a chat with Bumblito - as all the solid colours are dyed, there is indeed a chance of the colour running. Red has a tendency to release more colour than any colour. We will put a note in our solids (esp reds, black and navy) about doing the first 2-3 washes with similar colours, in cold water. After that, the colour should not run anymore.

This should only happen with the solid colours. All our prints (non-solids) are sublimated, which means that the ink is turned into a gas and becomes part of the fiber. The sublimation process makes it completely colour fast and prevents the print from fading like other printed fabric sometimes does.

Thank you so much for highlighting this to us as we have never had this issue with our own Bumblitos, and we haven't had any feedback about this before. It's so helpful to us to know this. We apologise again, and hope you can enjoy the beuatiful burgundy now :)

Carmen Huang
Soft, sporty with sneaky pockets!

Absolutely love the jogger cut for my 6 year old, who chose this because of the little cheeky pocket for him to stash away that gummy pack he is hiding from his little brother!

Sally Ang
The comfiest pants!

My boys really like the bumblito pants and leggings! They’re so soft and comfortable, easy compact and easy to bring around too!

Yang Chik Jantan

I bought it for my grand daughter. The material is good soft and comfortable.

We love them!

Love the rainbow print, and the jogger cut gives off a cool vibe! Always a fan of the material!:)

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