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Emotions Bundle

Emotions Bundle

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Our children may be tiny, but they have BIG feelings. Help them learn to regulate their emotions (even the really scary ones!) with this set of beautiful posters illustrated by Singaporean mum and artist Laura Or.

The Feelings Chart features 12 realistic faces portraying classic emotions that young children regularly experience but often struggle to label. As they learn to identify their own emotions, they can also develop greater empathy towards others.

The Calming Strategies Poster features 9 simple but effective strategies for managing anxiety, anger, frustration, and a whole host of other difficult emotions.

In additon, the Emotions Bundle comes with a comprehensive guide with everything you need to get started on supporting your kid's emotional development: picture book recommendations, activity suggestions & conversation prompts, as well as practical tips from psychologists, teachers, a mums.

All our canvas posters include free courier! They will be shipped separately from any other products in your order.

  • Size: 30 x 40cm* (approximately A3 size)
  • Made of lightweight cotton canvas so as to be resistant to tearing, wrinkling, and water damage. Perfect for mounting directly on the wall with blue tack or tape, or for hanging with a magnetic poster hanger.

*Please note that there is a production tolerance of +/-1cm. The poster pictured in the product image is for illustration purposes only.

Due to the nature of the material, there may be some threads at the edges of the canvas. These can be easily trimmed and are not considered a defect.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Helpful and beautiful sight in the home

Bought the decal chart but pasted blue tac so we didn't have to paste on our painted wall. A chart that we use to chat about feelings and we use it beside our mirror to mirror expressions at eye level. I like the clear and sweet drawings and how the different races are represented!

Great bilingual chart!

Beautifully depicted chart and love that it is in Malay / English which is hard to find!

Must have for anyone with a kid

I really love how this chart is so pretty, and captures all the emotions that one can think of. Also love that it is multi racial! My 18m toddler likes to point to the different characters for us to demo to her what each emotion means.

like that it has Singapore's cultural elements incorporated

always glad to be able to find drawings that are localised to our culture and living environment. while the 2 year old hasn't expressed super enthusiasm about the chart, she's been pointing randomly to the characters and trying to copy the expression. i also imagine that it will be useful as a springboard for conversations over the feelings we have.

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