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Bare Love

Basic Nappy - Dinoworld (Snaps)

Basic Nappy - Dinoworld (Snaps)

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The Basic is a nappy designed to be affordable and simple to use without compromising on quality or features. It is especially easy to fit and comes with two extremely absorbent natural-fibre inserts, making it the perfect diapering option for infant care. 

Why we love it

1. Easy to use

Stuffing and un-stuffing your Basic nappy is a breeze with large pocket openings at the front and back! The pocket design also means that all the inserts are tucked neatly away, so there aren’t any fiddly pieces to confuse other caregivers — a great choice if your child is going to childcare or grandma's house.  The inner lining is also stain resistant, so you can let bub eat blueberries, bananas, and tomato sauce without fear.

2. Trim yet absorbent

The Basic nappy is especially trim. It has a narrower silhouette than regular cloth diapers, making it ideal for petite babies. The two included inserts are made of bamboo terry, which means that they are more absorbent than microfibre, cotton, or charcoal bamboo inserts of the same thickness.

3. Leak-proof comfort

The ultra soft stay-dry lining made of athletic wicking jersey wicks away the moisture from the skin, keeping bub cool and dry. At the front of the diaper, the PUL tummy panel offers extra leak protection and prevents pee from wicking onto bub’s shirt. The wide but firm elastic at the back of the diaper ensures that all poop is contained within the diaper, without being too harsh on bub’s skin.



  • Designed to fit babies from 3.5 kg to 16 kg
  • 3x4 adjustable rise snaps for three different size settings
  • Cross-over snaps to fit a smaller waist size


  • 1 x 6-layer bamboo terry insert
  • 1 x 5-layer bamboo terry booster


  • Outer shell: PUL
  • Inner lining: athletic wicking jersey (AWJ)
  • Insert: bamboo terry

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 3 reviews
        love the fit!

        it's slightly trimmer than the Petite Crown's all around and is a good fit for my toddler, like that there is not so much budge around the crotch area. I also like that the inserts are included in the purchase. it holds my toddler's pee volume well and other than the occasional wedgie (said toddler gets it for the other diaper brands i use as well), nothing not to love!

        Value for money

        When I first received it.. the touch was really soft and comfortable. It keeps its "soft" feel after a few washes though i I it will be better with a dryer. The velcro and buttons version was easy to use and I actually love how they hide the buttons behind the flaps. It's absorbent and stays quite nicely on an active tod!

        Bare Love basic nappy

        This nappy is really value for money. The inserts are nice and soft so it does not add bulk to the diaper. The awj and snaps are not as nice as other more expensive brands but still work really well. I would definitely buy this nappy again!

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