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Baby Beehinds

Cloth Pad - Wishes

Cloth Pad - Wishes

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Are you ready to say goodbye to the smell that hits you hard each time you change your disposable pad? Cloth pads smell a lot less funky, and they are also much more comfortable and breathable than disposable pads. And of course, cloth pads have saved millions of disposable pads from going into landfill!

These Baby Beehinds cloth pads are designed with the softest dark purple, organic cotton velour against your skin and water resistant backing to protect your underwear. They come in four sizes to suit your different needs.

Buy 5 pads and get the 6th one at 50% off! Use discount code 6PADS at checkout. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount code.

**See the ‘Details’ tab for details on our Satisfaction Guarantee!

1. Maximum comfort

The softest GOTS certified organic cotton velour against your skin during the most sensitive and often ickiest time of the month will make your period feel much more bearable than before. Cloth pads are also much more breathable and are perfect for those who tend to break out in rashes during the time of the month.

2. Environmentally friendly and affordable

The environmental impact of using cloth pads over disposable pads is irrefutable. The same cloth pads can be used for many years as long as they are washed properly, so not only will you be saving the earth, but your bank account will also be happy about this switch!

3. Absorbent 

These pads are made up of layers of custom milled bamboo fabrics that are extremely absorbent. You will not need to worry about leaks when you're using the right size!



  • Liner 
    2 absorbent layer
    For discharge or as a backup to tampons or menstrual cups. Perfect for the last couple of days of your period.

  • Light
    2 absorbent layers 
    For light flow days or to wear with your menstrual cup for overnight. Also good for catching light bladder leaks.

  • Regular
    3 absorbent layers 
    For heavy flow days or overnight when your flow is no longer heavy. 

  • Night 
    3 absorbent layers 
    For overnight on heavy flow days.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Try your first pad risk-free! Simply email us within 60 days of your purchase, and we'll refund the cost of your first pad.

Note: If there are multiple pads in your first order, the refund will be for the pad with the lowest cost.


1. How do I wash cloth pads?

After removing the pad, rinse it under the tap until the water runs clear. A good trick many of us use is to stomp on the pad when you are in the shower to get the blood out. Once this is done, place them in a small pail (no need to wring dry) until you can add them into your next laundry load. We recommend popping them into the washing machine for a warm wash (not higher than 60 degrees, as this may affect the PUL in the pads). 

If your child uses cloth diapers, you can add your cloth pads to the pre-wash and main wash, without needing to perform the hand rinse.

Dry on low heat in the dryer or line dry if possible.

2. How many cloth pads do I need?

Everyone’s flow is different, so there isn’t one right answer to this! In general, the number of cloth pads you would need should be the same or even less than disposables. This is because most women change out their disposable pads even if their pads are not full, because disposable pads often become uncomfortable or give off bad odours. Cloth pads greatly reduce odours and are much more breathable than disposable pads, so you may not need to change our your cloth pad as often as a disposable pad.

If you’re new to wearing cloth pads, we recommend that you try at least 2-3 different sizes and add on more later when you have a better idea of your needs. 

Over time, you’ll get a sense of your unique flow and learn how long you can wear certain absorbencies on certain days of your cycle.

3. What if I need to change when I’m not at home?

If you’re out and about and want to change to a fresh pad, simply fold the used pad so the bottom ‘clean’ side is on the outside and secure the snap on the wings so that the pad doesn’t unfold. Then put the pad in a small waterproof bag and rinse it when you get home. (A ziplock bag will work, but for greater sustainability and less smells, we recommend our range of small wet bags!)

Tip: Mini-mini Wet Bags are the perfect size to discreetly store your cloth pads while out and about. You can get them here or here

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