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Beginner's Nappy- Look No Feather

Beginner's Nappy- Look No Feather

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The Beginner's Nappy is an industry-first dual-closure system, combining snaps AND hook-and-loop for parents new to cloth diapering to decide which one they prefer. Quick-absorbing and fast-drying inserts (featuring bamboo and microfibre), a stay-dry suede-cloth inner and a waterproof outer make this set the ideal choice for your baby's comfort and convenience.

Photo Credit: @virtualmemoriestog

Why we love it

1. BOTH snaps & hook-and-loop 

The unique interchangeable snaps AND hook and loop closure allows you to try both before figuring out which you prefer! 

  • Simply add or remove the hook and loop wing attachments - so easy! See photos for how it works!
  • As your child grows, you may also find that one type fits better depending on their shape at the time

      2. Feels dry on baby's bum

      The interior of the nappy shell is lined with stay-dry suede cloth which is excellent at drawing away moisture and keeping bub's bottom cool and dry. The waterproof front and back flaps help to keep the moisture from sitting against bub's stomach and back for extended periods of time. 

      3. Easy to prep, use, and disassemble

      Stuffing and un-stuffing your Beginners' nappy is a breeze with wide pocket openings at the front and back! The pocket design also means that all the inserts are tucked neatly away, so there aren’t any fiddly pieces to confuse other caregivers — a great choice if your child is going to childcare or grandma's house. 



      • Designed to fit babies approximately 3-17kg
      • 3x4 adjustable rise snaps


      • Outer shell: PUL
      • Inner shell: Suede
      • Inserts: 2 x 4-layer bamboo & microfibre inserts

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