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Bedwetter Pants - Foxy

Bedwetter Pants - Foxy

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Mother-ease bedwetter pants are our go-to choice for older toddlers and preschoolers who are heavy-wetters and are not ready to be diaper free at night. They can be pulled up and down easily, so kids are able to enjoy independence and go to the toilet by themselves if they are able to. They are very soft and fluffy, so kids love them as they are so comfortable. 

Why we love it

1. Easy to pull up and down

It's difficult to find absorbent nappies for heavy-wetters that are easy to pull up and down in the market. The bedwetter pants are so easy to pull up and down for both caregivers and the children themselves. This will help when the kids are weaning off diapers at night as they can go the bathroom on their own in the middle of the night. 

2. Ultra absorbent

This nappy was made for heavy-wetters and the absorbent inner that is made of natural unbleached cotton terry can absorb up 600ml of pee! 

3. Soft and comfortable

 When I first tried it on my son, his first reaction was, "This is the softest cotton diaper in the whole wide world!" It really is so soft and fluffy - your child would love it! 

4. Size option for older or bigger sized kids

There's a size for older or bigger sized kids as we recognise that each kid develops differently and some take a little while longer to be ready to get off diapers at night. The pull-up nature of the bedwetter pants can help the child feel more confident as they can independently wear and remove them. 



    • XS: 13.5 -18 kg, Waist 38 - 53cm, Legs 25.4 - 33cm
    • S: 18-25 kg, Waist 40.5 - 58.5cm, Legs 30.5 - 40.5cm
    • M: 25-29 kg, Waist 48.3 - 66cm, Legs 33 - 43cm


      • PUL outer
      • 82% natural unbleached cotton terry & 18% polyester inner


      Bedwetter Pants should be turned inside out for washing and drying.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 2 reviews
        Well loved and super absorbent

        We used this to do night potty train for our 3 year old and it has been a real winner. We do not have leaks and also it has given my kiddo the sensation to know how to hold his bladder at night. It can be a bit on the bigger side so it is preferably worn without pants or a baggy bottom.

        ye t
        Amazing comfort and absorbency

        I love how the pants is easy to wear. Yet it does not compromise in quality. It feels soft to the skin and it absorbs my son's full night of pee. I'm amazed that it doesn't leak. And he's able to sleep through the night with it on.

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