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Petite Crown

Bamboo Birdseye Flats

Bamboo Birdseye Flats

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The Petite Crown bamboo flats are an extremely affordable and practical choice for cloth diapering. They are so absorbent that you’ll be able to use them for a night diapering solution or for your heavy wetting toddler — the cheapest night diapering solution around. Flats also dry extremely quickly, so you won’t need to use a dryer. Try out different flat folds to customise the absorbency for your child, and be amazed at how long a single piece of cloth can last you.

Not only do these flats make great inserts for covers and pocket diapers, but they have multiple uses beyond cloth diapering — burp cloths, cleaning towels, sensory blankets, change mats...



  • 81 x 86 cm before washing
10-20% of shrinkage is expected after washing.


    • Made of 55% bamboo and 45% organic cotton
    Note: Natural fibres reach maximum absorbency after about 4-8 washes. We recommend throwing the flats in with your normal laundry a few times before using them.

      Additional Information

      • CPSIA compliant
      • Made in Pakistan

      Customer Reviews

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      Repeat purchase

      A big fan of these flats - use them for EVERYTHING e.g. 1st diaper change of the day (super airy), burpcloth, insert in a pinch etc. Dries fast and easy to clean in the machine. Super absorbent and soft! When it sherpas, it gets nice and cozy like a towel.

      Yeo Min

      Bamboo Birdseye Flats

      Absorbent and versatile

      I got 2 of these. Love that it's soft and flexible even when pad-folded, so I'm still using these as inserts in pockets and pull ups for my 20 mo heavy wetter. It also dries so much faster than the other inserts.

      Luu Wang
      Great Quality and Value-for-Money

      I am a big fan of Petite Crown, not going to lie! Their products are of great quality - you won’t regret your purchases!

      I bought 2 birdseye cotton flats to stuff inside pockets as an easy and fast drying alternative to thicker inserts. They can have so many uses; fasten with a snappi, added absorbency for night time, mini towel… we washed it 6-7 times now and the absorbency seems to be increasing! I know this item will stay with us for long so definitely worth the purchase :)

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