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Hybrid Fitted Nappy Cover - Art Attack

Hybrid Fitted Nappy Cover - Art Attack

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This innovative nappy is lined with four layers of soft and absorbent bamboo terry and features a built in water resistant PUL outer, so no additional cover is required! This is perfect as a night nappy for a heavy wetter when paired with customised absorbency for your child. It is also ideal for an older child who is mostly toilet trained but not completely there yet.

You can browse our absorbency options here or speak to us to find out more!

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Why we love it

1. Absorbent shell with water resistant PUL outer 

It is so convenient as you do not need an additional water resistant cover over a fitted nappy. The absorbent shell is useful for heavy wetters who need that extra absorbency but also comes in handy when you just need that peace of mind for an almost toilet trained older child. 

2. Customisable absorbency

This shell can be used with or without additional absorbency. It can be used for a very heavy wetter, a toilet training child and anything in between. It can also serve as both a day or night nappy. The versatility means you will not need to purchase any additional diapers until your child is completely off diapers.

3. Maximum comfort

Say goodbye to ugly red marks on bub's thighs! The super soft elastics are very gentle on your baby’s legs and will be very comfortable for them, even for an overnight nappy.

4. Available in plus size

One-size nappies can sometimes be hard to boost for bigger kids for night time use, so the large OSFMs are perfect as it is generously sized and specially created for plenty of room for boosting even for preschoolers who are not yet night toilet trained.



  • OSFM - Fits 4-17kg
  • LOSFM - Fits 10-22kg 
  • Materials

    • Fitted Absorbency: Bamboo terry
    • Outer layer: PUL

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      Love it!

      Appreciate how customisable this hybrid nappy cover is! You can use it on its own or easily boost it for overnight use, without having to add an additional cover on top. A great addition to any cloth diaper collection :)

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