Which cloth diaper should I get?

The great thing about cloth diapering is that with all the different styles, sizes, and features available, there is something for everyone. Unfortunately, all that choice can be overwhelming at first. But fear not! It’s much simpler than it sounds, and we're here to help :)

If you don’t want to read through the details and just want us to recommend a type of cloth diaper for you, click here.

Want to find out more about the specific features, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of cloth diaper? Click here: Cloth Diapering 101: Types of Cloth Diapers

Comparisons Across Brands

Just tell me what to buy!

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We hope this was helpful in getting you started on your cloth diapering journey! Don’t be afraid to reach out if you have any questions - we love talking about cloth diapers and we’re always happy to help.

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We also highly recommend joining the Cloth Diapering Singapore Facebook Group. It’s a great community with lots of excellent resources and a thriving secondhand marketplace.

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