Overview of Baby Beehinds’ Nappies

Baby BeeHinds was one of first Modern Cloth Nappy brands to start this industry in Australia and have been leading the way for over 15 years. They are 100% Australian owned and managed, and are huge advocates for cloth nappies and environmentally sustainability. 

Many parents here love BBH for their very absorbent night diapering option as well their childcare friendly day options, such as the velcro AIO that functions exactly like a disposable diaper! 

Magicalls All-in-Ones : for childcare

You want simple, this is the cloth diaper to start! Designed with simplicity & functionality in mind, this is the perfect style to start with. Baby Beehinds' Magicalls All-in-One is a sized nappy that functions exactly like a disposable diaper — no fiddly buttons, just a simple velcro waist closure for quick, fuss-free nappy changes.

Choose this nappy if:

  • You want something super easy for childcare teachers / other caregivers to use
  • You want something that fits smoothly across the front without extra folds
  • You don’t like having to hunt through a washing load for inserts that match the shell

*We sell these on a pre-order basis, so please reach out if you're interested in getting one. 

Magicall All-in-Twos : for easy laundry

If you need a simple to put together, one-size-fits-most (OSFM) and very thirsty diaper, you are going to love Baby Beehinds’ all-in-two diaper. It comes with a snap-on insert and a booster so it is perfect for those who find stuffing inserts fiddly and inconvenient. The velcro closure also makes it super easy to put on, so this is a big hit with childcare or other caregivers as it functions exactly like a disposable diaper!

Choose this nappy if:

  • You want a velcro closure — something simple for other caregivers to use
  • You want a nappy that can last from newborn to toddler stage
  • You don't like having to stuff pocket diapers

*We sell these on a pre-order basis, so please reach out if you're interested in getting one. 

Bestseller: Night Diapers : for night (inner layer)

Baby Beehinds’ night nappy is their sell-out nappy and one of the best night nappy solutions you will find! With a maximum of 23 layers of absorbency, this super soft and fluffy nappy is a bulletproof solution to those night time leaks and bedsheet changes. Time for that good night’s sleep you miss so much!

Choose this nappy if:

  • Your baby is a super heavy wetter
  • Your baby nurses through the night

Nappy Covers : for night (outer layer)

This is a beautifully soft, water-resistant, sized nappy cover with a velcro waist closure. It is designed for use over your fitted nappies, prefolds, flats, night nappies, or even over disposables to keep ‘code brown’ situations contained.

Choose this nappy if:

  • You want a simple cover that fits well without having to fold and tuck away extra fabric
  • You want a PUL cover with really gentle elastics to avoid red marks on baby’s legs

Training Pants

Baby Beehinds' training pants looks and feels like undies, so both caregivers and toddlers can easily pull them up and down. This has the added benefit of making the transition to normal underwear as seamless as possible. These trainers are perfect for teaching toddlers independence, and for those who find snaps cumbersome.

Choose this nappy if:

  • You want something that can be easily pulled up and down
  • Your child is toilet training, and still needs some absorbency to catch accidents 

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