Meet the Team

We also believe that learning should be fun, and that making memories with our loved ones is more important than topping a class or buying a car. The Let Them Play and Treasure the Moments collections were born out of this desire to help other parents embrace a more relaxed parenting style here in Singapore.


Hi! I'm Hsin, a mom to two beautiful rascals, aged 4.5yo and 2yo, and wife to Marcus who works at our church. I started cloth diapering my older child when he was two weeks old, and we have come such a long way. We did not have many brands available or access to information about a good wash routine back then. Since then, many cloth moms have helped me on my journey and cloth diapering is so much more enjoyable and easier now - I would love to help new cloth parents on their journey too. 

When I am not looking at cute diapers online, I enjoy a peaceful meal alone, watching a good show with Marcus on Netflix, and you can find me in nature with my kids as I believe that childhood should be spent outdoors exploring and playing in the rain and mud. 

Hi everyone! I’m Laura - believer, homemaker, ex-English teacher, current baby wrangler and sometimes freelance designer.

When I’m not wrestling with my kids or obsessing over colour combinations, I’m usually buried in a book or struggling through Mandarin primers in an effort to undo 17 years of language laziness (pay attention to your Chinese teacher, kids! It’ll pay off in the end!).

I believe that learning should be fun, and that making memories together with your loved ones is more important than being able to buy a house or a car. The products we’ve designed here at Little Lalang are to help parents (including ourselves!) on a more relaxed, respectful parenting journey.