How to Use a Cloth Diaper

  1. Prep the diaper for use
  2. Put the diaper on your baby
  3. Take the dirty diaper off
  4. Wash the dirty diapers

Step 1: Prep the diaper for use

We recommend washing your new cloth diapers at least once before using them. If your child is a heavy wetter, or if you are using prefolds, we recommend washing them at least 3 times, to increase the absorbency of the natural fibres, before first use.

  1. Snap down the rise snaps until they fit your baby
  2. Fold the insert until it fits inside the diaper (put the thicker part at the front, because that’s where baby will wee!)
  3. Put the insert in the diaper shell. (It does NOT have to go into the pocket - you can just lay it on top of the shell, if you want.)
  4. Done!

Step 2: Put the diaper on your baby

Video credit: Jay's Nest

Tips for fitting a cloth diaper on your baby:

  1. Start low. The back of the cloth diaper should sit at the belly button line OR LOWER
  2. The waist snaps do not have to be symmetrical.
  3. Run your finger around the leg elastics from back to front, to ensure that it is sitting in the bikini line, not on the thigh.
  4. Tuck extra fabric from the rise snaps away neatly by pushing your fingers up. The rise snaps should be lying parallel to your baby's body.

Step 3: Take the dirty diaper off

Whether disposable or reusable, diapers should be changed every 2 to 3 hours, or whenever baby poops (whichever comes first).

If baby peed, just put the diaper straight in the dirty diaper basket.

If baby pooped, spray any solids into the toilet bowl (stains are fine, just get most of the solids off). Then squeeze the diaper so it's not sopping wet, and put the diaper in the dirty diaper basket.

Dirty Diaper Basket: We recommend using a plastic basket with lots of holes for airflow to store dirty diapers. Do NOT soak cloth diapers - it breeds bacteria/mould and can make the fabrics degrade faster.

Try not to leave dirty diapers in the dirty diaper basket for more than 48 hours.

Step 4: Wash the dirty diapers

Washing cloth diapers is easier than you think! Check out our washing instructions.

Choosing an insert

Washing cloth diapers