The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Young Kids Under 6 Years Old in Singapore

The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Young Kids Under 6 Years Old in Singapore


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Singapore, and parents everywhere are on the hunt for the perfect present for their little ones! We've got you covered with age-appropriate, timeless gift ideas that strike the perfect balance between entertainment and educational value. So, sit back, sip on some festive teh tarik, and let's dive into our top Christmas gift suggestions for children aged 0-6 years.

0-1 Years Old: Building Blocks to Success

As babies explore the world around them, their tiny hands and curious minds can benefit from interactive toys that foster their sensory development:

  1. Smock Bibs - We must include these essential feeding companions! In addition to making mealtimes less messy, these smock bibs are great for sensory play and art exploration, allowing parents to encourage creativity while managing the mess.
  2. Bilingual Picture Books - Start them young on their bilingual journey with English and Mandarin fabric books, full of vivid pictures and textures. These picture encyclopedias have been a great hit for all my kids, especially at the young age when they might not have the patience to sit through an entire story.
  3. Interactive Board & Fabric Books - Lift-the-flap and other interactive books can make reading a joy even for these tiny tots. I love this collection, many of which can also help to build character and inculcate good values from a young age too!
  4. Small Wet Bags - These cute and practical water-resistant bags not only help your little ones practice fine motor skills but also cultivate independence by carrying their small toys.
  5. Musical Toys - Introduce your baby to the world of music with simple, age-appropriate instruments like shakers and maracas.

2-4 Years Old: The Magic of Exploration

The toddler stage is all about curiosity and exploration. Here are some gifts that feed their imagination and stimulate their minds:

  1. Connetix Magnetic Tiles - These magnetic building blocks help unleash your child's creativity and are fantastic for stimulating cognitive development. They are the single most played with set of toys in my house - I can't recommend them enough.
  2. Mandarin Storybooks - Feed their love for stories with Mandarin classics, expanding their vocabulary and nurturing a love for literacy. This set of Little Chick books are favourites not only of my 3 kids, but their best friends as well!
  3. Rhyming Picture Books & Character Building Books - Build vocabulary and make reading fun with a carefully curated collection of picture books. My kids particularly love The Stompysaurus (or any other books by Rachel Bright, really!) and Polly and the Screen Time Overload (which has also been instrumental in helping with boundaries regarding screen time usage).
  4. Healthy Snacks - Add a tasty touch to your gift with granola, muffins, or florentines for the little ones to enjoy! Any parent will tell you that kids never say no to yummy snacks. Do remember to check with the parent first, though - you never know if a kid might be severely allergic or on a special diet.
  5. Activity Mats - Provide endless hours of creative play with engaging and educational washable silicone mats designed for children aged 2-4 years.

5-6 Years Old: The World of Knowledge

As children begin to make sense of the world around them, they'll love engaging in activities that pique their curiosity and expand their knowledge:

  1. Open-Ended Toys - Toys like LEGO and wooden blocks provide endless possibilities for imaginative play and creativity, making them an excellent investment.
  2. Art Supplies - Inspire little artists to express themselves through painting, drawing, and crafting with quality art materials and smocks to protect their clothes.
  3. Bilingual Board Games - Entertain the entire family while reinforcing English and Mandarin learning through fun, interactive board games that cater to their interests.
  4. STEM Learning Kits - Enrich your child's understanding of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics with engaging STEM learning kits and activities.
  5. Gardening & Nature Exploration Kits - Nurture an appreciation for the environment and a love for gardening with these hands-on, educational kits.


There you have it - our ultimate Christmas gift guide for young kids in Singapore, designed to bring genuine smiles to the faces of both curious little ones and time-starved, discerning parents! Say goodbye to agonizing over countless gift options, and embrace a festive season where you can focus on the joy and laughter shared with your family. Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!

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