Hello world!

We’re so excited to launch Little Lalang! It’s been a whirlwind of a journey. I never envisioned stepping into the world of entrepreneurship/business, and the learning curve is STEEP. We've had so many lovely fellow small business owners help us with advice and recommendations - a special shout out to Eunice from Nappy Nook, Mel from Clothe in Love, Tegan from Big Snug, Jade from Baby and Belle, Linxin from My Story Treasury and Steph from A Child's Hood! (These ladies are all wonderful mums and businesswomen in their own right, and we strongly recommend shopping at their stores!)

Of course, we're also extremely thankful for all the encouragement and support from our friends and families. Without our wonderful husbands, Marcus and Joshua, we would never have had the courage nor the strength to pursue this adventure.

Finally, we want to give all the glory to God, without whom we would never even have become friends, let alone embarked on this journey together. Because of His love, we have joy, hope, and peace no matter how things turn out.

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