5 Best Playgrounds in Singapore that are Suitable for Toddlers and Worth Braving the Heat

5 Best Playgrounds in Singapore that are Suitable for Toddlers and Worth Braving the Heat

I am NOT an outdoors person, at all. But ever since becoming a mum, I've been forced to acknowledge the multitude of benefits there are to outdoor play. So now I do reluctantly drag myself out into the sweltering heat for the sake of my offspring. (Give me a medal, someone.)

Anyway, I thought I'd share some resources (aka tips & recommendations) so that if you're like me, you can make allll that effort of dragging the kids outside more worth it.

5 playgrounds that are suitable for toddlers & worth braving the heat

Note: These are all playgrounds that are suitable for children under 4 years old, because that's how old my kids are. There are others but they are maybe more suitable for older kids.

Note 2: The playgrounds are listed in the order I thought of them, not in order of awesomeness. Partially because a large part of awesomeness is proximity to your home, but actually mostly because I don't have the brain energy to rank them right now.

1. Play @ Heights Park Toa Payoh

I love this place. It's got a big, varied water play area with different types of water elements (sprays, mini river, water gun), so it really entertains kids for a loooong time. And there's a sand area that's SEPARATE from the water area, so you can use the sandpit if you want the additional sensory play, but you can also avoid it if you don't want your kids to get sandy.

There's also dry play areas too, including several BIG trampolines! And an area with 'road' markings on the floor where kids can ride their toy cars or scooters. Seriously, this playground has everything. Plus it's just across the road from Toa Payoh Central so after playing you can bring everyone for lunch/dinner very easily.

2. Oasis Waterpark @ Nee Soon East

This place is soooooo nice, and soooo toddler-friendly. The jets aren't too big, and there's lots of mist, which is less intimidating for young toddlers. There's also a very big, long 'river' that is ideal for kids who are sitting and crawling but not walking yet.

It has nursing rooms and toilets which are well-equipped, so you can actually give your kids a proper shower and stuff. I also really like that it's not too crowded, especially on weekdays. Some of the other playgrounds (Toa Payoh & GBTB, I'm looking at you) are suuuuper crowded even on weekdays, unless you go really early in the mornings.

3. Clusia Cove @ Jurong Lake Gardens

I...will admit that this is not my favourite water playground because I really struggle with sand. BUT I can also recognise how beautifully and intentionally this play area has been set up.

It's one of the most natural environments on this list - even though it IS artificial, it has been designed to really mimic a natural coastal area and it serves this function really well. It's like bringing them to the beach WITHOUT worrying about the pollution or salinity of the ocean because the water in Clusia Cove is treated.

Plus, there's shower facilities, a cafe, and the whole of Jurong Lake Gardens right outside the water play area. This is a really good place if you're coming with the whole extended family including maybe older cousins or your uncles and aunts who might want to exercise while you bring the kids to the playground.

4. Vivocity Play Court

This is a playground situated inside Vivocity itself (but still outdoors). There's a big hill slide that's great for younger kids, some climbing structures, small trampolines, and a tunnel, as well as a small water play area (it's basically fountains in the ground that spurt out water at different heights. IDEAL for babies and toddlers as there's no drowning risk).

Even though it is not as big as some of the other playgrounds on this list, the Vivo Play Court is one of my favourite places to bring my kids because it just has everything. There's a big nursing/changing room that opens right onto the play court and most importantly is AIR-CONDITIONED whew! Vivo has lots of options to eat after playing, and there's a huge library with a wonderful children's section in case it rains (or if I decide I can't tahan the heat anymore).

5. The playground closest to your house

I was originally going to put West Coast Park as the final favourite playground on this list. But when I thought about the reasons why I love the park so much, I realised that one of the biggest reasons was its accessibility because I stay so close to it. Even though I don't use 85% of the playgrounds at WCP because they're not that suitable for toddlers / there's too much sand, I still go very often because it's so nearby (and because there's a McDonald's there so dinner is settled too).

This made me realise that bringing my kids outside really doesn't have to be a massive 2-3h endeavour that drains all my energy. It can really be just 15-20 minutes at the playground below my block, and they would already enjoy lots of the benefits of outdoor play.

Sometimes as parents we are too hard on ourselves. Remember, sustainability is about what works for YOUR family. You don't need to go to the playground with the newest renovation or the biggest variety of structures. It's more important to make it easier for yourself as a parent, so that you will bring them more often. It's not about doing things perfectly or making the BEST choice. Instead, it's about making imperfect choices that are a little better, more often.

Let's give ourselves permission to choose the truly sustainable option.

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