12 Planet-Friendly Gift Ideas for Kids & Parents in Christmas 2023

12 Planet-Friendly Gift Ideas for Kids & Parents in Christmas 2023

Ah, the holiday season – a magical time that pairs jingle bells with the jingle-jangle of leftover wrapping paper and packaging. Let's not even get started on those poor quality plastic toys that Santa left behind, which are fun for 0.3 seconds before kids lose interest and they become useless clutter.

But what if there was a way to spread festive cheer WITHOUT playing Grinch to our planet?

New plan: sustainable gift-giving.

Here's a list of our favourite thoughtful and sustainable Christmas gifts ideas for both kids and parents. Get inspired by this list of fun, practical, and eco-friendly presents that not only bring joy but also promote a greener lifestyle - gifts that keep on giving, all year round!

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Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Babies & Toddler


Books spark imagination, improve understanding, and foster a lifelong love for learning. Support local authors and gift a bunch. After all, what could be more special than the magic of stories? If you’re worried about purchasing a duplicate, drop a text to the mum before you buy the book. There are a wonderful range of small local bookstores where you can find the perfect gift, and here are just a couple:

  • Toby’s Trove for gospel-centred books, as well as books that build character, pique curiosity and sharpen inquisitive minds.
  • MyStoryTreasury for carefully curated Chinese books.


At her recent birthday party, my four-year-old daughter gasped upon seeing her new outfit under the wrapping paper. “WOW! I love it!” she exclaimed, clasping the brightly coloured clothes to her chest and burying her face in the soft material.

It’s a myth that receiving clothes as a present is boring. If the clothes are beautiful and comfortable, what’s not to love? True story: while my daughter quickly forgot about most of the toys she received, she specifically requests the clothes she received for last Christmas every single day. (Which is why she received even more for her birthday; I was tired of explaining that you do need to wash clothes after wearing them, and that you cannot wear wet clothes.)

Eco-friendly gifting isn’t about buying items the colour of cardboard or refusing to use wrapping paper. It’s about making sure that the items we get are high quality and attractive enough to be used extensively for an extended period of time.

These are the clothes my daughter is a huge fan of. She basically refuses to wear other materials now.

Reusable Swim Diapers

Pool time is fun time for kids, but disposable swim diapers? Not so much for the planet! Reusable swimming diapers are the answer. They're not only beautiful and functional, but versatile and long-lasting as they can be used for multiple children.


Bibs are a no-brainer for babies. Silicone bibs can be extremely useful at home, but are not as handy to bring out. Instead of using disposable napkins or bibs when out, consider these reusable smock bibs! They fold up into a tiny pack the smaller than a tissue packet, and can go straight into the washing machine once done (no need to wash manually at the sink!).

Healthy Snacks

If you’re a parent, you may feel like your kid is ALWAYS hungry. Then again, you may feel like your kid subsists purely on sunlight and whatever cupcakes you allow. (I have both of these kids.) Thankfully, snacking can be both fun and nutritious for little ones. For example, granolas and florentines are a great low-sugar method of introducing plant protein, dietary fibre, healthy fats, and vitamins to children.

Our favourite place to get these healthy snacks is The Nut Baker SG, which has a range of wholesome and delicious bakes all handcrafted by a local sports dietitian. Healthy snacks make great gifts because both the child and the parent will love them!

World Map

World maps aren't just for geography classrooms. A minimalist world map with countries will also provide an excellent way for toddlers and young children to discover more about the world they inhabit. Beyond just spouting off the names of continents or oceans during trivia, embarking on a mini world tour can spark their curiosity about diverse cultures and stir up a sense of being a global citizen (kinda cool for a 5-year-old, eh?). Moreover, it lays the groundwork for them to grasp global issues. It's like giving the child the world, minus the carbon footprint. 

Feelings Chart

A beautiful feelings chart can transform not just the aesthetic but the emotional atmosphere in a child’s room. Using a feelings chart can help to support and validate a kid’s emotions, enabling them to identify and describe their emotions, and sparking meaningful conversations between parent and child.

Experiences & Lessons

Let's spill the beans on a little secret – the best gifts don't always come in boxes. Sometimes, experiences and lessons can make for the most memorable and treasured presents. Remember when you learned to ride a bike? Or the time your aunt brought you to watch a concert? That life skill or exciting experience stuck with you way more than the latest toy, right?

The beauty of gifting experiences is that they create heartwarming memories, not clutter. It's like a double win – you're saving the planet while crafting unforgettable moments. From swimming lessons to art classes or nature walks, these educational and fun gifts keep on giving. So, here's to sustainable, intangible gifts that leave a lasting impression!

Great Gifts for the Eco-friendly Mom (or Parent)

Essential Oil Soap & Shampoo Bars

Give the gift of self-care with a twist of eco-friendliness. Mums with young kids are often too busy to go to the spa or get their nails done, so mini moments of self-care – like high-quality soaps that don’t dry out one’s skin – can help to nourish them amidst the chaos of daily life. 

These solid soap and shampoo bars from Soapceuticals are a luxurious treat while promoting a zero-waste lifestyle. They're not just another beauty product; they're a practical, eco-friendly choice that still pampers and nourishes the body. These bars pack multiple benefits: they're plastic-free, travel-friendly, long-lasting, and provide a nourishing experience for both hair and skin. Plus, with scents infused from essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint, geranium, and chamomile, they're an aromatic delight that can turn a regular shower into a luxurious, spa-like experience. A small yet impactful gift like this can show young mums that giving back to Mother Nature doesn't mean giving up self-care.

Handcrafted Upcycled Jewellery

Looking for a gift that screams awesome, one-of-a-kind and pretty darn eco-friendly? Allow me to introduce you to 450SG, a local brand that I discovered just a couple of months ago. 450SG's jewellery - handcrafted from upcycled one-time-use plastics - offers not just unique style but also a story of sustainability. Every ring, earring, and accessory from these collections, whether it's the delicate studs made from blue shampoo bottles or enchanting snowflake earrings from white plastic bottles, bear the mark of eco-friendly elegance.

Gifting an ornament from 450SG is a meaningful statement, uniting fashion with a conscious push towards environmental stewardship. It's a present that exudes creativity, commitment to the planet, and reflects the recipient's dedication to sustainability. In a world increasingly waking up to the importance of waste reduction, these 450SG charms capture the essence of beauty in waste, making them a truly significant gift.

Versatile Wet Bags

Multipurpose wet bags, available in various shapes - from handy travel-sized small wet bags to a nifty 3D pod design - stand as ingenious, eco-friendly gifts. Their compelling mix of practicality and responsibility hits the sweet spot for any parent. The bags' functionality extends beyond baby items to other essentials, like gym clothes, offering a handy organization solution. Made from water-resistant material, these bags handle wet clothes and items while keeping the rest of your bag dry. They're reused many times over, underlining their environmentally conscious appeal. Plus, let's not forget those fun, vibrant designs that add a splash of style!

For an extra thoughtful touch, add a pack of healthy granola, cloth wipes, or an encouraging book inside the bag. These bags wrap up utility, style, and sustainability into one unforgettable gift.

Gift Cards

Give parents the freedom to choose exactly what they want or need with gift cards from eco-friendly stores. They offer flexibility while also promoting sustainable shopping choices – with a gift card, they are guaranteed to get a gift that will be well loved!


So there you have it — our top 12 sustainable gift ideas to make your Christmas both merrier and greener. I hope you found the list useful, and that you now realise that going green doesn't have to sacrifice style and convenience either.

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