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Training Pants - Arctic White
Training Pants - Arctic White
Baby Beehinds

Training Pants - Arctic White

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This is the perfect trainer for toilet training/learning! Baby Beehinds’ training pants are designed to look and feel like real undies but are able to hold those little accidents and keep clothes dry as your little one learns. The training pants are easy for toddlers to pull up themselves, encouraging them to grow confidence with toilet learning. They are also great for car trips or when you know you might need a little extra time to find a toilet! Each trainer also comes with a bamboo booster that you can lay inside the trainer if bub needs extra absorbency.

Why we love it

1. Made like underwear

Baby Beehinds' training pants looks and feels like undies, so both caregivers and toddlers can easily pull them up and down. This has the added benefit of making the transition to normal underwear as seamless as possible. These trainers are perfect for teaching toddlers independence, and for those who find snaps cumbersome.

2. Adjustable absorbency

There’s an inbuilt dual layer of microfibre inside the pants, but if your little one is still in the early stage or learning, the trainers can be easily boosted with the bamboo booster it comes with.

3. Waterproof outer

The soft, plain coloured PUL fabric will keep clothes and bedding dry.



40 - 48 cm 24 - 30 cm 42 10 - 15 kg*
43 - 52 cm 28 - 34 cm 46.5 14 - 18 kg
47 - 56 cm 30 - 36 cm 50.5 18 - 24 kg
50- 59 cm 33 - 40 cm 53.5 24 kg +


*We have found that the sizing for these training pants runs small for size S, so size S works well for lean babies but otherwise, we recommend sizing up!


  • 2-layer microfibre sewn into shell
  • 1 x multilayer bamboo fleece booster


  • Outer shell: PUL
  • Inner shell: Organic cotton jersey

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