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Trainers - Honeybuns
Trainers - Honeybuns

Trainers - Honeybuns

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Buttons’ trainers are a crowd favourite here in Singapore, especially for kids who go to childcare as pull-ups are much easier for caregivers to handle.

This is a pocket pull-up trainer that can be used for kids who are potty training but can also be bulked with absorbent inserts (purchased separately) for extra peace of mind. It is great for squirmy babies who can’t lie still, or for older (wanna-be-independent) toddlers who want the option to pull the diaper up and down on their own. Please note that these trainers are trim, so are more suitable for slimmer kids.

Why we love it

1. Customisable absorbency

The Buttons trainer has a waterproof PUL outer layer and a soft mesh lining inner that has a sewn-in absorbent pad (made of 3 layers of 100% cotton) - perfect for a potty training child. For kids who need more absorbency, there is also a pocket that can be used to stuff inserts in.

    2. Easy on-and-off

    The stretchy tummy and back elastics allow for easy pulling up and removing — much like a pair of pants! This is perfect for babies who don’t like lying down for nappy changes, or for toddlers who are learning to go to the potty independently. Pull-up diapers are also a requirement in many kindergartens.

    3. Adjustable fit

    With 3 waist settings and 3 rise settings, this is a one-size-fits-most trainer so you can use it as a diaper when your child is younger and as a trainer when they are ready to be potty trained.



    • Designed to fit babies approximately 6.8-16kg
    • 3x3 adjustable rise snaps


    • 3-layer sewn-in cotton pad (cannot be separated from shell)


    • Outer shell: PUL
    • Inner shell: breathable mesh

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    Customer Reviews

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    Hansini Raghavan
    Buttons trainers are great!

    We love everything about these trainers . Perfect cut and fitting on my lean baby. Doesn't feel stuffy yet comes with a padding enough to last a couple of pees or accidents. Havent had any leaks insofar. The dry layer is airy. Absolutely thumbs as a daily use trainer pants.