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Period Undies - Midnight Rain **HANDMADE**
Period Undies - Midnight Rain **HANDMADE**
Lilly & Star

Period Undies - Midnight Rain **HANDMADE**

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Handmade by a WAHM (work-at-home mum) in Australia, these period undies are comfortable, stylish, and functional. The wide band sits comfortably without digging into your skin, making this suitable for women of a variety of body shapes. The built-in absorbency means that you can say goodbye to the wedgies, abrasions, and horrible smells that come with wearing disposable pads. You’re not just saving the earth - you’re making your own cycle a little better. After trying a pair of these undies, we guarantee you’ll never want to go back.

Why we love it

1. Maximum comfort

Say goodbye to wedgies, abrasions, and horrible smells! Lilly & Star period undies fit like normal underwear, but have extra layers sewn in to absorb your flow, wick away moisture, control odours, and prevent leaks. Now you won’t have to deal with pads that shift and rub against your skin, or worry about stains showing up on your skirt. The wide waist and thigh bands don’t dig into your skin, making these undies comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

2. Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Lilly & Star period undies allow you to reduce or even eliminate your use of disposable pads, tampons, and liners. These undies are machine washable and are breathable enough to be worn on non-period days, so you can use them throughout the month.

3. Ideal for maternity & postpartum

The wide, stretchy band is gentle around waist and thighs, easily accommodating a growing bump or c-section incision lines. No need to worry about having leaks when you laugh or what to do if your water breaks early -- these undies have got you covered (literally)! You can sit or sleep in peace.



  • S: approx. size 10 (hip 35.5”-37.5”)
  • M: approx. size 12 (hip 38”-40”)
  • L: approx. size 14 (hip 41”-43”)
  • XL: approx. size 16 (hip 44”-46”)


Note: Natural fibres reach maximum absorbency after about 4-8 washes. We recommend throwing the undies in with your normal laundry a few times before using them.

  • Extra-light (white tag): Similar to a pantyliner. Suitable to catch discharge, or as a backup to tampons or menstrual cups.
  • Light (yellow tag): Holds approximately 10-15 ml or 1 tampon’s worth. Suitable for light period days, heavy discharge, and light bladder leaks.
  • Moderate (pink tag): Holds approximately 15-20 ml or 2 tampons’ worth. Suitable for moderate to heavy period days, heavy discharge, and light bladder leaks.
  • Heavy (red tag): Holds approximately 20-25 ml or 3-4 tampons’ worth. Suitable for heavy period days or for protecting your sheets overnight.

The undies were tested by us to confirm roughly how much fluid they can hold, but everyone’s flow is different. We recommend trying them for the first time at home so that you can see how they work best for your unique flow.


    1. How do I wash period undies?

    After removing the undies, rinse them under the tap until the water runs clear. Then place them in a small basin (no need to wring dry) until you can add them into your next laundry load.

    If your child uses cloth diapers, you can add your period undies to the pre-wash and main wash, without needing to perform the hand rinse.

    2. How often do I need to change period undies?

    Everyone’s flow is different, so there isn’t one right answer to this! Some people can go the whole day on a single pair of undies (especially if they’re using them in conjunction with menstrual cups or tampons), but many will need to change them multiple times a day (especially on heavy-flow days). If you’re new to wearing period underwear, we recommend trying them out at home, or bringing an extra pair along and changing sooner rather than later.

    One way to tell when your undies are full is to feel the side seam of the gusset and see if it is wet. If you notice blood at the seam, this is a good indication that your period undies are getting full. Over time, you’ll get a sense of your unique flow and learn how long you can wear certain absorbencies on certain days of your cycle.

    3. What if I need to change when I’m not at home?

    You don’t need to rinse your undies immediately -- you can put your used undies in a small waterproof bag and deal with them at home. (A ziplock bag will work, but for greater sustainability and less smells, we recommend our range of small wet bags!)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jessica Leung

    Really love these…so comfortable, breathable and so pretty.

    Lee Eunice
    Pretty and comfy

    I bought the regular undies and I’m thinking of getting more! The cut I got was low waist with full coverage. It’s so comfy, no wedgies, waist doesn’t slide down, and I love rain prints! I literally pick it to wear right after every wash, can’t get enough! Just half a star off as the waist is a little higher than expected. Really love this, you will not regret!